HL- OBV3-C30/2P Power Surge Protector Type 2/Class II

HL- OBV3-C30 is the range of devices for discharging induced transient overvoltages ( Type 2/Class II), in accordance with EN/IEC 61643-11. DIN rail plug in format. Ability to discharge induced voltage surges (8/20 µs).


Suitable for the second stage of protection in supply distribution panels in which Type 1 protection devices are installed, or the first stage of  protection in residential, commercial or other applications not exposed to direct strikes and with no external lightning protection system.

Discharge capacity with an 8/20 µs waveform. Imax: 30kA

Exclusive devices for DC Systems.

Exclusive devices which are compatible with Power Line Communication networks.

Biconnect – two types of of terminal: for rigid or flexible cable and for fork type comb busbar.

Available with optional remote signalling.

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AC/DC Distrubition

Power Supplies

Industrial Automations


Motor Control Systems

PLC Applications

Power transfer equipment

HVAC Applications

AC Drivers

UPS Systems

Security Systems

IT/DATA Centers

Medical Equipments



Small Size

Easy installation or retrofit

Din-rail mountable

Fail-safe / self – protected design

Remote Indicator (optional) with 3 pin NO/NC Contact

IP20 finger-safe design

Visual Indicator

Small foot print

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